50th Anniversary Competition

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BIANZ has been many things to many businesses over the last 50 years, but competitions have always been a big part of what we do. This year we are holding a special competition in a scaled-back format to help ensure people can enter from all over the country. The products have been selected to match those for yesteryear and allow for ease of travel.


Registrations for the competition close on the 6th of September. Entries must arrive by 3pm on Friday the 15th of September. 


The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Queenstown.


The competition is open to all bakeries throughout New Zealand. All entries must be made in a commerical kitchen. Entries are to be in the name of each business.


Competitions are fun, help you learn, build your team, and altogether add real value to your business. There's nothing better than a prize certificate for a product to attract customers and attract customers and boost sales.


Pastry- Sausage Rolls

Provide four (4) identical sausage rolls made from puff pastry. Flavour to be competitor's choice but all sausage rolls must be of the same variety. Maximum length of each sausage roll is 130mm. As these will be tasted they must arrive below 7 degrees celsius. 

Bread- Pannetone

Provide two (2) pannetone loaves. Can be baked in tin, paper mould or other mould as per competitor's choice. Maximum weight for each loaf 900 grams.

Cake- Sponge Roll

One (1) feathered sponge roll. Flavour and filling to be competitor's choice. No fresh cream. All fillings to be suitable to be kept at ambient temperature. Maximum size of display length 400mm width 300mm. This may be presented on cake board or plate.

Creative- 1 Bread Sculpture

One (1) bread sculpture depicting a bakery scene. Sculpture and decorations must be made from aminly bread. Can be assembled with glue other methods as per competitor's choice. Maximum size of display 500 x 500 mm


New product award. Competitors may submit one (1) new bakery product of their choice. This may be a bread, cake, pastry, biscuit, allergen friendly item or other item that they have developed. Competitor must include description of item. Maximum display space 300 x 300 mm 


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