Great NZ Hot Cross Bun Competition -WINNERS


2017 WINNER was Tongmin Li of Hillpark Bakery in Manurewa with his Cinnamon, Mixed Spice, All Spice, Raisins, Currants and Mixed Peel made with a butter and egg enriched dough.


Second Place went to Angie Robertson from Hastings City New World with her Tropical fruit consisting of Papaya, Mango, Starfruit, Rock Melon with toasted coconut.

Third Place went to Deborah Bruce of Ubake in Timaru for her Traditional Hot Cross Bun containing Mixed Spices, Orange soaked Sultanas and glazed with an Apricot, orange and clove infused sweet glaze and used a long fermentation period to develop the flavours.

The Judges were impressed with the standard of entries and Chief Judge Michael Gray said “It is great to see so many high-quality buns on the table. It shows that the baking industry in New Zealand has very high quality bakeries all over the country. The innovation of ingredients is great to see and helps to keep baking and exciting industry to be involved in.”

The competition is open for all bakeries to enter whether they are a BIANZ member or not but it is pleasing to see that all of this year’s winners happen to be members which show the value that BIANZ helps to add to its member’s bakeries.

PDF of full details including PRIZES

The criteria:

Required entry:             

  • 6 (six) Hot Cross Buns
  • Entries can be either batch or individually baked
  • Glazing is optional
  • Product description card to be included

Combined baked weight:  Maximum:  150g each (total weight 900g)

  • If batch baking: Buns should be batched to form a close cluster that display the clear lines and molding of each bun.
  • If baking individually: Buns should be clearly individual with no discernable interference from other buns during proofing or baking.
  • The crust should be thin, rich in colour graduating down from the top.
  • Crust should be smooth without mounding, marks or tearing.
  • The internal texture should be consistent, light and airy with slightly open rounded cell structure.
  • The buns should show signs that they were able to achieve full volume.
  • The fruit content should be evenly distributed and show clean undamaged fruit pieces.
  • Spice and fruit must be blended evenly through the dough.
  • The cross must be piped onto the buns in a neat, tidy and even manner; piping width should be suitable for the bun’s size.

Judging Criteria:

Presentation 30%

  • Visual appeal
  • Uniformity of size
  • Decoration applied
  • Clean product
  • Application of filling/topping if appropriate
  • No damage

Technical Skills 20%

  • Crust colour
  • Thickness of crust
  • Degree of baking
  • Even shaping
  • No signs of over or under proving
  • Crumb colour appropriate
  • Decoration applied (cuts, dusting etc.)
  • Recipe formulation

Eating qualities 40%

  • Flavour/taste
  • Composition of flavours
  • Crumb Textures appropriate
  • Aroma
  • Mouth feel
  • Ingredients used

Innovation/skill 10%

  • Workmanship displayed
  • Interpretation of a classic
  • Innovation element shown

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