BIANZ Bakery of the Year 2018

Where: Fine Food New Zealand 2018

ASB Showgrounds 217 Greenlane West Greenlane Auckland. Entries close: Saturday 16 June 2018, 5pm Entries delivery: Saturday 23 June 2018, no later than 5pm. Judging: Sunday 24 June 2018. Announcement: Monday 25 June 2018 at the BIANZ Awards Dinner.


Getting Your Products to the Competitions

Entry to the competitions is available to bakers, pastry cooks and cake decorators throughout the industry.

For those unable to personally deliver the product to the competition venue may use courier or transport services.

Care should be taken to adequately pack your items so as to avoid any damage during transport. Also special attention should be given to transportation and packaging to meet food safety standards.

A key point when packing your items is to use paper rather than plastic wraps/bags. Plastic will make the products sweat during transport which results in soft crusts and moist products.

The Benefits of Entering Competitions

The benefits of competition are numerous, whether a prize is won or not. By competing, attending and speaking with the judges, you will gain valuable experience and information on how you can improve your products and how your products are benchmarked against other local entrants. This information can then be applied to daily production for your customers.

Winning categories, prizes and major awards is a big achievement and can have some significant financial benefits to your business and/or personal achievement. Promoting your achievements in your shop front, your local newspapers, TV and radio stations can result in significant advantages.


Below are the proposed competition items for this year, please note these are subject to change:







Mini Yule Logs

Gluten Free Glazed Fruit Cake

Trifle Verrines



Sausage Roll

Choux Pastry Eclairs




Innovation- new bakery product of competitors choice

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Packaged Shortbread as a Christmas Gift


Judging Guide and Product Requirements


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