MYSUN Professional Bakery Bread Oven (MS-100)

Specifications Condition: Used Brand Name: MYSUN Model Number: MS-100 Usage: Cookies Type: Rotating Oven Power Source: electricity Voltage: 380V Power(W): 45KW Weight: 1650KGS Dimension(L*W*H): 265*215*255cm Features and benefits: • Strong insulation • Stainless steel inside and out • Large front window with heat-reflecting glass and good lighting. • Max temp. 300° • Fast heating and energy-saving. • Right hand hinged door Product Desriptions: 1. Roll-in type rack has suspended-hung and rotating platform two kinds; 2.Control panel can be operated manually or baked by programming. 3.The temperature can be adjusted as per the requirements automatically, the computer controlling temperature assures the exactitude of request to the temperature. 4.The large window in the door incorporating heat-reflecting double glazed glass and effective internal lighting permit close observation of the baking process inside the oven; 5.The balanced temperature, effectively preventing heat dissipating ; 6.Easy operation, low energy consumption, little possibility of troubles ,uniform baking effect of foodstuff. 7.The door can open Left and right by as required. 8.Rotary Rack Oven:this equipment has easy operation, low energy consumption, little possibility of troubles ,uniform baking effect 9. Oven capacity 32 trays; easy operation, one-person operate only, the whole trolley out to ensure even color; 10. Luxurious appearance, reasonable stucture; 11. Easy for maintenance. Equipped with the safety siren and pre-ventilation.

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